Monday, 17 December 2012

Starting To Wish I Could Just Give Him Beauty Products For Xmas . .

Me: What would you like for Xmas

The Giant: Anything

Me: Anything isn’t a answer!!!!

This basically sums of how my Christmas shopping is going right now and considering that Christmas is in 8 days and guaranteed Royal Mail delivery pre-Christmas shopping ends this week, I’m a tad bit annoyed to still be having this conversation.

Why would anyone think the phrase ‘anything’ or shrugging their shoulders is a good answer to a question?? Is it some secret guy code that I have to decipher with a pen, paper and iPad app to actually get some clues about what they want? 

With the giant I'm a bit restricted on what I can get him on account of him being too tall and his shoe size almost impossible to get in the UK (it's double mine!!) so I’ve been roaming the internet at work looking for anything that will stop me having to actually go outside and go from shop to shop looking for a present. I’ve picked options which I think might be good present to get him . . which he might actually use and won’t just dump under the bed somewhere. 

I think I’m leaning in the direction of two gifts, one practical and one that’s nice to have. I would really love if you guys could give me your opinion on what would make a nice gift so I can get it delivered to my office PRONTO!!