Tuesday, 18 December 2012

How To: Soft Curls with Heated Rollers

I love curls. I don’t care if it’s tight or loose, as long as it has a lot of body and volume. I normally go to bed every night with foam-wire bendy rollers in my hair so I have a heat free way to achieve beautiful curls without damaging my extensions.

Although I put my hair in rollers every day, I was going to Kettners last week for a close friend’s birthday and over the course of a 12 hour day my curls looked very depressed and needed sprucing up. As I didn’t have 8 hours spare to sleep in my foam rollers and didn’t want to use my straighteners or curlers, I dug out my Babyliss Pro Professional 30 Piece Roller Set instead.

Here's how it goes. . . 

I start by prepping my dry hair with a heat defence spray to avoid any extra heat damage. I’ve been using John Frieda’s Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray for as long as I can remember, as it helps to condition as well as protect. I’m not going to add anything else for now as I don’t want to add too much product to my hair and weigh it down as I’m working with 2-day-old washed hair right now.
Dividing my hair into 4 parts; usually right down the middle of my head and across ears, I then clip everything up and out of the way. Taking the hair just above my ears on my left side, I part my hair into small sections and place the a medium rollers halfway down the length of the hair and curl it away from my face.
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As I only have a limited amount of rollers to use, I use the largest rollers (red) on the crown on my head, the medium (blue rollers) on the sides and the smaller rollers (yellow and white) on the back of my head, this is what it looks like when it is all done.
Now I’m going to use a scarf and cover up my hair and get ready. I’m using a cap as I want to retain as much heat in my hair as possible without adding to it.
Now all that is left is to take out each piece of hair from the rollers and then brush out the rollers with a paddle brush to give it a soft look and of course use my L'oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray in Diamond Hold to make sure all my curls stay in place
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So what do you use to get a lovely curl without using too much heat? I would love to pick up some tips. Also my Babyliss Roller Set reached its early demise right after this taking the pics for this post where taken, so if you have any recommendations for a new one LET ME KNOW!!!!!