Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Review: Sleek Makeup Limited Edition Sparkle 2 Palette

I can’t honestly remember when Sleek brought out the first Sparkle palette; if they even brought one out *gives palette suspicious glance* but in all honesty I haven’t bought a Sleek Palette in a long time because they changed their palette eyeshadow formula and I just don’t like the change. I’m not saying the new formulation is very bad or anything like that I just feel that they come off a bit harder and chalkier than the original but honestly this is my personal opinion, however when I saw Laalaa review this palette on her blog a few weeks back, I really wanted to this palette.
Ingredients wise (because I always check) there is nothing overly worrying contained in this palette or anything I am shocked to find. It contains Talc, Mica and Iron Oxides (to get the colours) with two Parabens to act as preservatives
I do love how glittery and pigmented this palette is and the eyeshadow choices are ideal for the Christmas season because let’s face it, Christmas makeup is all about looking like a walking piece of tinsel.
Like all of Sleek’s i-Divine eyeshadow palettes, Sparkle 2 comes with 12 eyeshadows:-

Chocolate Penny: A (skintoned) bronze shade
Blue Spruce: A rich dark turquoise shade
Mulled Wine: A rich wine and gold glitter blend
Truffle: A cool dark brown shade (possible dupe for MAC Satin Taupe)
Mistletoe: A deep Christmasy dark green with emerald glitter 
Illusion: A cool dark purple shade
Festive: A deep plum-berry shade with 
Gold Ribbon: Yellow Gold Shade
Glitz & Glamour: A Slate-grey shade with minimal glitter
Tinsel: White Silver Glittery Shade
Twinkle: A midnight blue with silver glitter
Starry Night: A noir black shade with silver glitter
I think my favourite shades in this palette have to be Twinkle, Festive, Mulled Wine and Chocolate Penny but I’m sure that everyone will find a shade that they would like in this palette regardless of their personal taste. I've done 3 very simple looks that can be achieved from this palette, I wanted to get these looks on youtube but my camera wasn't playing ball.

Look 1 - Chocolate Penny & Festive

Look 2 - Mulled Wine, Gold Ribbon, Starry night & Mistletoe

Look 3 -  Tinsel & Twinkle

I love the versatility of this palette, if you want to see what else I used to create these looks, click my header to see my makeup looks and I'll list everything (lashes, highlight colour and eyeliner) Ithere.

Disclaimer: Apart from my highlight and transitional colour, I've used  eyeshadows from the Sleek Sparkle 2 Palette.