Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Makeup Look: Sparkle 2 Palette Inspired Look with Rhinestones

I know I posted this a snapshot of this look earlier today with my Sleek Makeup Sparkle 2 Palette Review but I REALLY love the way that this look turn out so I just wanted to post up a few more pictures of this look.

Yes, it is a bit vain but I don't get to play around with bright colours on a day-to-day basis anymore and I thought the added crystals really enhances this look and will make it a perfect option if you plan to go crazy and loud makeup-wise this xmas.
Apart from a my highlight eyeshadow, I've only used Twinkle (dark blue) and Tinsel (white-silver) from the new Limited Ediiton Sleek Makeup Sparkle 2 Palette to create this look. I've used a winged-cut crease method to apply Twinkle in my crease and under eye area with Tinsel on my lid.

 I bought the Pre-glued crystals from Ebay in 3 different sizes and tried to stick them in locations that enhanced my Vee shaped smokey look
I'm really loving this look (especially as I did it without my glasses and contacts so couldn't really see what I was doing very well) but hopefully I will do a Youtube tutorial on it this weekend once my new camera arrives.