Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas 'Epiphannie Style'

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!
I can't believe I've actually gotten round to posting today, I've actually been rushed off my feet and I actually have no concept of time at the moment. . . it is only 5.35pm and I feel like its 9pm or something (just exhausted).

I just wanted to give you a few quick shots of how I've spent my Christmas but mucho, mucho, love to everyone during this holiday season!!!!!
1. Reindeer Bauble which I bought on the 24th to go on the Xmas tree that I only bought on the 23rd (late I know) 2. A snapshot of my FOTD 3. All my present on wrapped 4. My sister has just discovered the Face Detection feature on my camera 5. Big Smile 6. Don't we take a pretty picture?? 7. All the pressies under the tree . . all the big ones were bought by me 8. Pucker up Baby 9. The first icing penguin my sister has ever made