Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Challenge | Day 5 : Rimmel London Royal Gloss in 301 Moreish

I have to apologise for the super late Lipstick Challenge posts (as I forgot to do so in the last post) but I accidently stepped on my SD card to USB converter yesterday when I was in a sick haze, so wasn’t able to put up my blog posts pictures up on time.

I would like to say that I’ve picked up a new converter but I would be lying. I’m currently uploading my pictures to my blog from my SD card, through my iPad, which as you can imagine takes a bit of time.

Today I’ve been hanging about on my bed, wearing my new thigh high boots in a small effort to distract myself from the alarming growth of my used tissue pile beside my bed (I think it’s alive!!!). Continuing on with my lipgloss and balms sick phase I am taking a Royal option and slapping on some Rimmel London Royal Jelly Gloss in Moreish 301.
The Royal Gloss in Moreish 301 is a bright pink, non-sticky gloss that has a very sheer finish so while it does look candy-floss pink it does not carry this pigmented shade to the lips. It comes with a doe foot applicator for easy use.
 I’m not sure I could honestly comment on what the wear time of this is because I keep licking it off because it smells SO GOOD!!! It obviously doesn’t taste as good as it smells and is probably targeted at pre-teens but it is making me feel jus that little bit more bubbly and princess-like.
I’m really trying to make an effort to keep posting which will hopefully be much easier once I convince my mum to help me buy a new converter over the weekend (sick ladies can’t battle -1 degree weather) Don’t forget you can keep up to track with both Ysis’ 30 lipstick in 30 days – Christmas challenge over at Le Beauty Girl or click my header to keep track of my version of the Lipstick Challenge