Monday, 26 November 2012

Let’s Compare: Moroccan Oil vs. Organic Root Stimulation Hair Mayonnaise.

All hair types need a regular deep conditioning product to revitalize, strengthen, repair and keep everyday damage to a minimum. Seeing as I’ve just bought the Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask (I caved in to the blogger hype), which is a high performance, intensive hair mask with an argan rich formulation that is designed to improve hair texture, elasticity and shine, and truthfully I wanted to see how it compared to my usual protein hair mask, Organic Root Stimulation’s Hair Mayonnaise.


The Moroccan Oil cost £22.60 for 250ml while the ORS Conditioner cost £4.99 for 500ml . . .I don’t think you have to be a mathematical genius to know which one wins this round.

Lets be honest I could buy almost 2 litres of the ORS conditioner and bathe in it for what the Moroccan Oil Masque cost me.


Hands down the MoroccanOil wins this round.

It’s rich turquoise container just screams ocean and tropics to me. Just love it!!!! The ORS conditioner is a lot plainer in clear plastic with an emerald green cover but seeing as it is 4 times cheaper than the Moroccanoil Hair Mask, I will let it for not being aesthetically pleasing.


The Ingredient list for the ORS is sooooo much longer than the Morocannoil, I couldn’t even manage to get a good snap of it because it seems to twist around the container like a maze. Both of these conditioners are dimethicone and glycerin based with ORS listing glycerin as its second ingredient.
Morocannoil is Argan Oil and Linseed based while ORS contains Egg protein, Wheat germ oil, Lanolin oil, Olive oil and propylene glycol (humecant). I think both the ingredient lists conveys that the ORS is a lot more intensive than the Moraccanoil but it is NOT a daily or bi-weekly conditioner.  


The Hair Mayonnaise is much, MUCH thicker and heavier than the Moraconoil but the Moracconoil leaves hair feeling lighter and energized without the slippery weird down feeling the ORS can sometimes leave my hair with.  I feel that I used a lot more of the Morcanoil Hair Mask when I used it as an intensive mask compared with the Hair Mayonnaise so although it is lighter than the ORS and could probably be used once a week, I doubt it would keep up with my routine and I would have to make repurchases often.

Personal Opinion

Personally I love both these products. I find that I use less of the Moroccan Oil than the  ORS, which means that it does last a little bit longer than the ORS Hair Mayonnaise and I am less tempted to give my hair a protein overload. The main question I have to ask myself is; knowing how often I wash my hair and live on conditioners, would I actively repurchase the Moroccan Oil Treatment when the Hair Mayonnaise works just as well and can obtained easier and cheaper? I would say yes and no. NO for everyday use but YES for special occasions and when I either need a post-night out pick me up or just feel like pampering myself.

Which one do you feel should have won the comparison? Do you think I would have rated the ORS Hair Mayonniase higher than the Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask if I hadn't been using it for years and years?

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