Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Someone actually recreated my Kelly Rowland - Ice  Inspired Look!!!!

How amazed am I??

Angel sent me a tweet the on Thursday, saying that she loved my video and she was going to try and recreate my look. At the time I was just super happy that she even watched the video and I didn’t really expect her to recreate the look that night, but she did and she sent me the pics on tiwtter.
I was going to post this up on Thursday but I've been having a few problem with my laptop (all fixed now) and I really just had to post this up  . . plus I got express permission to post this up here.

 I’m really touched that she even tried out my makeup look (must not cry in happiness)

This has REALLY made my; otherwise boring, day great.

Thank you so much Angel. You did an amazing job and you look great!!!!