Thursday, 29 November 2012

I went back and bought more . . .

Hi my lovelies,

I went back to H&M and bought even MORE stuff from the Anna Dello Russo Collection at H&M (Let's be honest, the price was too good!!!). I managed to pick up the thigh high boots (which look almost crotch high on my 34 inch legs) and also the alligator cuff necklace because it looks amazing!!!!
I also picked up a few extra necklaces that I am going to be putting up on ebay for the ladies who would love to get involved with the bargain but can't make it to London.

I have 4 necklaces to sell at the moment with a starting price of £5 (because thats what I bought it for and I'm not going to cheat anyone here). If I make any money on top of that well that would be great because I will classify that as compensation as I did brave crappy London weather and Oxford Circus at peak time to get it. Everything will go up by tomorrow evening so be patient with me.

Emerald Green & Gold Alligator Necklace

I will post by record mail both UK and International.

Let me know if there is something you are desperate to get your mitts on (like the boots or bracelets) and I will go back to the store and get these for you.