Friday, 26 October 2012

White Boots. Yaay or Naay . . . I think I got my answer

I never knew white ankle boots could inspire such negative response or hold a negative stigma until I decided to post up a picture of these 'beauties' with an image title of 'White Boots. Yaay or Naay' . . . Can you believe that everyone said 'Naay'??

I know beauty is the eyes of the beholder but is everyone apart from me blind?!

 These shoes are lovely and when matched with a pair of black leather trousers, they have the power to be AWESOME!!!!!

I think someone jinxed me or has some 'Zoodoo' up their sleeves though. When I opened up the ASOS box to take out the second pair, they had a huge scruff on them . . . I demand to know the culprit who damaged my babies!!!!!


It's all for the best though. I have a feeling my sister would have chucked them out the window if I decided to keep them