Monday, 29 October 2012

Review:- St Moriz Bronzing Powder in Dark | #TFWOC


We are DONE with the Tans for Women of Colour Project. 

I had NO idea that it would last this long when Laalaa & I put this together in August and while it has been an insightful journey into the world of tanning. I  can’t tell you what a relief it is to be almost done . . .I actually think  I’ll treat myself and take a blog holiday . . . .or not. This week we are focusing on the ‘Best Kept Secret in Self Tanning’ aka St. Moriz.
 St Moriz is an affordable range of self tanning mousses, mists and lotions that help you look effortlessly sunkissed. Their formula of English sourced ingredients has helped them win both the Cosmopolitan Beauty Award for Best Body Self Tan 2012 and the Pure Beauty Award 2011, and has been used by X-factor finalist, the cast of Hollyoaks  . . .and the cast of Towie *shudders*

I received two products from St Moriz, the Dark Instant Tanning Lotion and the Dark Bronzing Powder (RRP £4.99), but I am only going to reviewing the St Moriz Dark Bronzing Powder today (because I llllllluuuuuurrrrrrvvvveeee it!) and since this is the last product for the TFWOC project I thought I should sign it off on a high note.
I’m in love with bronzers. Seems like I stock bronzers and MAC’s MSF like they are gold. They just add a bit of a 3d finish to any makeup look that takes it from blah to ‘popping’ *says in a Lil’ Mama’s voice* . The St Moriz Bronzing Powder comes in two shades Light (gold/yellow toned) and Dark (bronze/red toned). I can’t tell you how happy I am that a brand actually has two bronzers with different undertones.

Ladies on the dark skin spectrum tend to have a combination of red and yellow skintones (which is why orange eyeshadow always appears nudish on me) so this red-bronzer is a great add to my collection because its in a shade I can’t easily come across. The best thing about this range is that it is VERY affordable. Doing a quick Google search you can get the St Moriz Dark Bronzing Powder for £2.75 at Fragrance Direct, which is a BARGAIN
The only thing I am not loving this is it’s wear time. Over time I find that the bronze particles become very dull and murky and looks more like a dull shimmer blush than a bronzer, which isn’t really what I’m after but honestly I can just carry this around and reapply to top up the shimmer.
I hope you have all loved the TFWOC reviews from all the Ladies, who have been absolute dulls giving up their blog space and time for almost 7 weeks!!!!