Wednesday, 3 October 2012

She's a Lacquer Goddess!!!!

I;m not sure if you’ve noticed this yet but I hardly ever do nail products review on my blog because honestly I cant paint my nails to save my life!

I am literally so CRAP at painting my nails in one uniform direction than I always give up half way and walk around with either one hand painted or with chipped polish because trying to sort it out is just soo much of a chore . . . wish is probably why I bully bloggers with nice nails (yes, I'm jealous and WHAT??!!)

The blogger on the receiving end of my of my jealous comments (and really allows me to be cheeky) is Lianne from Ashlilly’s Lacquer Lust. Honestly she is just too talented and her nails looks so amazing that the little green-eyed monster in me gets giddy every time she breaks a nail loooool.

As she was designing some nails for an event, I asked her to design 3 sets of adhesive nails for me. I based one of the nail designs off a design she already had on her blog which I loved and asked her to use her imagination to create a cherry blossom design and also a Disney design which she could choose.

Honestly she blew me out of the water!!!

When you consider than each of these nails and hand painted. She is just SO AMAZING!!!! They fitted perfectly when I stuck them on because she had already filled the nails into a realistic cuticle shape.

She needs an Etsy shop, STAT!!!!! She does do commissioned designs, so go and have a look at her site.

I’m just going to throw a few random B&W pictures of my nails in here because I’ve actually had this for almost 2 months but I’ve too scared to wear them and lose a pair because they are so pretty