Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Review:- Xen-Tan Scent Secure Gold & Dark Lotion | #TFWOC

Only 3 weeks left of the ‘Tans for Women of Colour’ Blogger project, I actually feel elated and sad all at the same time. When Laalaa and I started the idea of the TFWOC I honestly didn’t think it would have lasted right til the end of October (well I didn’t anyway) but I’ve had the chance to try out a lot of great brands that I never even knew about so it’s a win-win.

This week, we have Xen Tan products to review, and as Xen-tan is one of the best-known companies when it comes to tanning (I didn’t tan before this and I KNEW about Xen-tan) we have split up the ladies and we have reviews on different Xen Tan products. I am going to be reviewing Xen Tan’s Dark Lotion and also their Scent Secure Gold.
Xen-Tan is a Prestigious, award winning and cruelty-free American Brand with a unique moisture-rich formula containing Green Tea, Shea butter, Vitamin A & E and also Gingko Biloba. The Xen-Tan products are designed with a time-release ingredient, which allows them to pack more DHA into their products while still leaving your skin feeling nourished, healthy-looking, and with a flawless, non-orange, sun-kissed glow finish. So you are really getting a 2-for-1 deal with this post because I received the Xen Tan Dark Lotion at the #Livebloggers event a few weeks back and thought might as well do them together and give you guys a bit of a comparison post.
The Xen-Tan Dark lotion is very moisturizing and I don’t feel that it clogs up my skin when I slapped it onto my skin. I honestly thought that this would applied turn me a hemp green as the tan had a bit of a green brown tinge to it when I started rubbing it in but when it was all rubbed in, it made me at least 2 shades darker on the inside of my arm and one shade dark on the outside which was lovely!!!!!!
The Xen-Tan Scent Secure gold though . . .is my baby!!!!!!! I am in LOVE with this product!! I am marking this down as a holy-grail product (for me anyway) because this is the only product we have reviewed in the last few weeks that does exactly what I’ve been looking for when we started this project. Its effect mimics that of the Dark Lotion but the combination of brown and bronze/gold specks very closely mimics how my dark skin tan.
After doing these arms swatches, I did slap the Secure Gold Tan all over my legs and it looked amazing!!!! I would have put the pictures only but I’m still a bit  . . .errrm sensitive about my legs at the moment since I hurt myself and had to get stitches on my left leg so I’m not comfortable with posting the pictures online but once the scar fades a bit then maybe I’ll do a second review but with my full sized Scent Secure Gold.

Overall I think the tans actually lasted a while. As I did small swatches on my arm for both these products it was very obvious which part of my arm was tanned and which wasn’t loool. I found that the tan lasted about 2/3 days with just ONE layer and but the gold sparks from the Scent Secure Gold only lasted a few hours which is alright with me as I would only really use this on a night out

I know its only Tuesday but I seem to already be behind with doing this review as so many went up yesterday so check out:

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