Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Review: Mememe Cosmetics ‘Blush Me’ Blush Box in Bronze

So this morning, I subconsciously reached for my Nars Sheer Glow foundation . . .yes Ladies and Gentle-frogs, my body has reached for the autumn foundation! I know that switching up foundations is not actually worthy of a blog-post proclamation but to me this signals a change from dewy, summery skin to a more matte and porcelain finish, with a focus on blush, contouring and of course bronzers.


Yes you read right, Bronzers!!

I find that with autumn makeup I can easily tip over into wearing lack-lustre makeup that make me look like I’m trying to do a gothic makeup look but not quite managing it and just looking dull. So for this reason I always start looking for a white-based highlighter or a brown bronzer, which I can also use as a skin tone highlight.

I’ve heard sooooo much about the Mememe Cosmetics Blush Me! Blush Box  (RRP. £8.50) on the blogosphere and while in Superdrug grabbing some hair essentials (I’m getting a pixie cut this weekend!!!!), I thought I should add the Blush Me! Box in Bronze and see if these babies are really worth the hype.  . . and they actually kind of are.
The Mememe Blushes get compared a lot to the Benefit Blushes but seeing as I actually don’t buy anything from Benefit unless major curiosity gets the better of me, I can’t honestly comment on that but what I can comment on is the beautiful bronze colour that this gives. When I swatch this I find that the shade isn't too warm or too cool and seems to just sit very contently in-between.
I can actually see why so many bloggers love this because for a drugstore/highstreet product. It is very good. I got about 6 hours wear time (normal skin) and although the powder is not milled as finely as I would like, the formula is still very pigmented and the shimmer particles are not too chunky and overwhelming. The only real thing I don't like is how bulky the packaging of the Blush Me! Blush Box feels when you hold it. Although it comes equip with a brush and a cute, little mirror in its lid. I personally feel that it is a bit too bulky to take around with me on an every day basis, plus my blush seemed to fit quite 'uncomfortably' within its packaging.
I think I'm going to play around with this a little more. I want to couple it with my orange blushes and see if it will compliment my 'no makeup' makeup look that I'm trying to perfect at the moment.

Have you tried out any of the other Blush ME! colours? Any colour recommendations for me?

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