Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Review: Inika Organic Certified Eyeliner in Black Caviar 05 | #Livebloggers

When it comes to black eyeliners, for me it has to be a true-inky blacker-than-black pigmented liner or it won’t ever make it out of my very messy, eyeliner drawer. When I received Inika’s Organic Certified Eyeliner in Black Caviar 05 in the #Livebloggers goodie bag, I was ridiculously happy for 2 reasons.
  1. I just reached the stubs of 3 of my favourite black eyeliners (How does someone manage to hit the bottom stubs of 3 fricking eyeliners and not think let me pop into Boots for a replacement is beyond mortal comprehension . . . I mean come ‘on!!!!)
  2. PR companies almost NEVER put black eyeliners in goodie bags. I think its an unwritten rule to give out funky colours that no one would ever really pick up unless you were really aiming for a specific colour
 So I thought the Inika Eyeliner must either be really good . . .or someone pulled some major strings somewhere.
Inika is a certified organic and cruelty-free beauty brand that uses 100% organic ingredient within their product formulations, has its packaging made with recycled materials and is confident in providing natural, mineral-based makeup which is sensitive to your skin and contains no talc, petrochemicals, non-organic products of animal origins or potentially harmful preservatives. While an Australian brand currently retailing in the UK, Inika has Hindu roots. Inika is a Hindu word meaning ‘small earth’ which probably explains why it is such an eco friendly brand.
Black Caviar (RRP. £13.50)comes in a beautiful black and gold, sleek package which aesthetically looks very luxurious and decadent (just like its name). The rich, pigmented texture of the formula gives it an iridescent finish so that you get that shiny, ‘I just popped on some eyeliner, 5 minutes’ ago look. Now while it is organic, sensitive skin owners like myself cant take a breath of relief because the organic minerals in the formula have been tested to ensure that it doesn’t reactive to sensitive eyes and I as a blogger with sensitive skin who wears contact lenses, I can proudly testify that I experienced no problems with this eyeliner. A big plus for this product is the black sharpener that comes with it making it a great and portable tool for your handbag
 Honestly while I loved the pigmentation of this product, I was still a bit disappointed with this eyeliner. I found that it was not as  ‘black’ a shade as I wanted it to be and trust me when I say that with black eyeliner, that is the all-and-end-all requirement. I also found that it was a bit too soft to use on my waterline but worked very well with a smokey-eye look as you could blend it out very easily. Unfortunately I don’t think I would repurchase this entirely because of its shade, which is a pity as the gold and black packaging really made me want to love this.
 Am I the only one who notices there are different degrees of ‘black’ when it comes to eyeliners or am I just being a bit too fussy?

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