Thursday, 11 October 2012

Review:- MAC #163 Contour Brush from the Face & Body Collection

As there is nothing I despise more than MAC’s Face and Body (click here to read my review/rant on the coloured, watered-down foundation), I already knew that there was no way short of being brain-washed by a psychic alien moonlighting as a MAC makeup artist, that I was going to walk out the MAC store with any Face & Body foundations. I was just visiting to check out the Pro Sculpting Cream in Richly Toned as I had read a lot of lukewarm reviews on the pro sculpting crèmes and wanted to see in person how it worked.  Unfortunately my local MAC store only stocked the lightest 3 pro sculpting crème shades so I had to either go online or to another store to swatch it (how crappy!!!). A bit disappointed I started to play around with the #163 brush which I LOVED!
I felt that the flat-topped contour brush was just sooo soft and despite playing around with the tester, I didn’t experience any shedding. I already knew I didn’t have a brush like this in my collection but once again they didn’t have it in stock!!!! Now the MAC artist (who probably gets the majority of her commission from me and my hoarding ways) saw how crestfallen I was  . . . and how I started inching towards the door with the MAC brush in my clutches, wrote down a list of the stores she thought might still have it as well as told me to go online as she knew there were still some left in stock.
After an agonising 4 day wait. Its finally here!!!!!

The 163 brush has synthetic bristles which are feel, firm, silky and soft to the touch. So far from playing around with this I have learnt than you shouldn’t even bother trying to blend with this brush . . .it’s not a blender, it’s a placer, which does make it a very good contour brush. The main thing I’ve learnt from playing around with this is too be careful how much product you pick up with this brush as the dense, short bristles can make this a nightmare to wash.

Personally I’m super happy with my purchase and I’m waiting for AJ from The Sunday Girl to review the Pro Sculpting Creams so I can decide if its worth a purchase or not.

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