Monday, 22 October 2012

Review:- Bourjois Faux & Fabulous 2-in-1 Tweezers

Spurned on by the recent Eylure & Elegant Touch Event last week (and coincidentally being the proud owner of 10 pairs of false lashes) I thought I should do a post of one of the little tools on the market, specifically designed to help make false lash applications just that little bit easier. Bourjois’ Faux & Fabulous 2-in-1 Tweezers (RRP. £4.99) is a new lash applicator tool from Bourjois’ brand new Faux & Fabulous Eyelash range
Looking like a cross between a confused exotic fish and an angry looking fish (all depends on which way you turn it). I first saw this oddity on Thursday on Milly from Pearls & Poodles Instagram and honestly I just thought it looked dangerous. . and purple, but when I popped into Boots on Friday and saw them in person, they actually didn’t look as intimidating and I could tell this could actually be a useful little gadget for anyone not confident in their faux eyelashes application.
The Faux and Fabulous False Eyelash Tweezers has two ends to help with your lash application. The tweezers end has a wide and curve shaped designed to follow the natural shape of your lash line and an angled, doe-foot, rubber tip to push and secure the lashes into the corners of your eyes, helping you get just that bit closer to your natural lash line.
Truthfully, seeing as I tend to put on my eyelashes with my fingers or with tweezers when my nails have grown too long, I wasn’t sure how these would work for me but I find that I quite like how easy it was to place the lashes on my lashes but the doe-foot rubber tip just made everything complicated. I'm going to give this to my mum (who I actually bought this for) as she loves false eyelashes but can't actually apply it herself (and bugs me to do it)

How do you put on your lashes? Are you a fingers or tweezers person? If you are not confident putting on lashes, do you think a lash applicator like this would make things easier for you?