Friday, 19 October 2012

Someone pass me some eyelash and nail glue, STAT!!!!

Last night was big ol’ blogger get together at the W Hotel in Piccadilly Circus courtesy of Eylure and Elegant Touch, who were showcasing their latest and current collections. Of course I took it as a opportunity to stuff my face full of mini-cupcakes (ate 5 . . .and yes I’m proud) but it was really great seeing so many familiar faces in one room and being able to catch up with everyone’s lives.
Can someone tell me how I didn’t know about Eylure’s Hedkandi False Lash Collection?? Here’s me thinking I know almost everything about their brand and I seemed to have missed out on these silver, glistened party lashes.
Following the success of the Envy Wraps and Envy Wraps Bling, Elegant Touch have launched 4 new designs to add to their best-selling nail wrap collection. Honestly I was so happy that Elegant Touch ladies were around for this event since I have been having a bit of trouble using their New Nail Envy Wraps but they gave me a few tips on how to get the most out of their eye-catching nail wraps so watch out for a review on some graffiti nails next week
It was actually false-lash and nails city and I went a bit giddy staring at all the different styles and collections and an extra bonus of the night was that all the bloggers got a chance to get their nails and lashes done for them and honestly if I didn't have such a comfy seat near the cupcake stand, I probably would have gotten my lashes and nails done.