Monday, 8 October 2012

New In:- MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Love Goddess & Beet

I, ooohhmmed and aarrrhheed and then had to ask A.J from the Sunday Girl for advice before I could make my choice from the newly released Marilyn Monroe collection from MAC because:-

  1. Nothing really won me over except the lipsticks. The eyeshadows, blushes, lipgloss and powders were way too light and cool toned to be used on my dark skin and as much as I would love to experiment there really is no way in Looney tunes-hell that I was going to be able to make a cool, baby blue eyeshadow work for me. I’m not being rude . . .I’m being practical! I’m not into throwing away my makeup budget like that.
  2. Out of all the 5 lipsticks released, too many of the shades seemed too similar to shades I already owned by MAC and Sleek and honestly expensive dupes of are not needed . . .even if they are limited edition.
So after a lot of staring at swatches online (Big thank you to Erica from the Glamorous Gleam for having the entire MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection swatched on dark skin), I decided to go for the Beet lipliner (£12.50) and the Love Goddess lipstick (£15.50), with a mental promise to buy more lipstick when they have launched the collection in my local MAC store and I’ve swatched it to my hearts content.
Love Goddess is a satin, ‘mid-toned pink, red’ lipstick which is super pigmented and I feel looks amazing on a variety of skin tones. It applies opaque on the lips and so far I’ve gotten about 4-5 hours wear on this; which isn’t bad lipstick-wise, and like all MAC lipsticks, it has the infamous vanilla scent. I am soo happy that I didn’t spend too long deciding on whether to get this shade or not because the next day, it was SOLD OUT! Obviously I picked the firm favourite so I am pleased about that *pats self on back*. 
The Beet Lip-liner is a ‘vivid reddish-pink’ shade that I KNEW would fit in well with the berry-red and plum lipsticks I already own so I thought if I was sure of anything I would pick up from this MAC Collection. It would be Beet. I originally thought about getting Cherry but I have a feeling that Cherry is part of the permanent collection because I swear I’ve swatched it is instore before.

Like I said I might pick up ‘Charmed, I’m Sure’ and ‘Deeply Adored’ in store but I haven't made up my mind because I HATE MAC's matte lipstick formulas but keep your eyes peeled on the blog for any updates. 

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