Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Review: Makebelieve Self Tan Lotion with bronzer

Another week, another tan but since it is all about donating my skin for the greater good (kinda). I don’t mind.
This week we have Makebelieve which is an Independent British Company providing the UK market with tanning products that ‘makes you feel better about yourelf [. . .] helping you to feel more confident to release your inner glow’ since 2005 by choosing ingredients that leave you with ‘beautifully tanned and moisturized skin’ without the fake tan smell or colour’. Now I just want to take a little time for THANKING the Makebelieve team for providing this for the ‘Tans for Women of Colour’ project as well as 2 other products from their product line which is INCREDIBLY nice of them because we had no clue they would do this.

The Makebelieve Self Tan Lotion with Bronzer comes with a 1-5 zone guide; where 1 is the lightest and 5 in the darkest, with great descriptions on the effects you should get when using a tan in that colour range.

Zone 1 – Provides a Subtle Glow
Zone 2 – For a  Warm Glowing look
Zone 3 – For a Medium Tanned look
Zone 4 – Provides a Golden Tanned look
Zone 5 – That very Dark Tanned look (which can be achieved by layering zone 4 twice)
I was sent the Zone 4 Self-tan lotion in Zone 4 (RRP £24.50), which is a light, moisturing lotion that is meant to bring a golden tan to the skin while still conditioning it and I LOVE the fragrance of this tan. It has a very warm, smell that reminds me of a mixture of pink oil lotion and pineapples.

I kid you not.

I was having throw back sessions to my childhood when I used this tan and I couldn’t resist sniffing my arm during the day. I just loved the smell! I didn’t really care what colour it turned my skin when I first slapped it on because the smell of this tan just won me over but alas I still have to do a review and stop obsessing about how nice it smells.
The Self tan comes in white packaging with a bright blue and gold colour, and comes with a pair of tanning gloves inside the box which is a really nice touch as it saves you having to go out and get a pair of mitts and gloves (top marks for that Makebelieve).  It does come out a creamy, dull brown colour which a lot of the bloggers on the project refer to as milk chocolate but honestly I don’t know what those girls were seeing because this doesn’t look milk chocolate to me loool.
Colour wise, I am not a fan of the colour this tan turns my skin as I think that it brings out the red tones in my skin and suppresses the yellow tones, which made my arm turn a weird orange shade that I wasn’t in love with, so I don’t know how golden your tan might be with this but mine was a lot more amber than gold. However, it does moisturize my skin very well but I do think that the fact that this tan has so much moisturizer in it makes this tan take a little while to dry.
I found that it didn’t last a week on my skin but about 2 or 3 days which is definitely not bad. Honestly I really love everything about this product except its colour but I think that a body bronzer on top of this would add more yellow tones to my skin and make this perfect

I’m off to sniff my arms some more but check out the other Makebelieve Self Tan Lotion reviews from the #TFWOC ladies.

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