Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Abi O's Beau Bronz #TFWOC summary post

As you know the TFWOC project has been live and kicking for two weeks now and we have managed to cover 3 brands in that time. Each week we will all test out and review the products on our individual blog and also link back to each others blog so it is easy for you to find a similar skin colour match and discover some new blogs in the process but I thought I should make it that much easier by doing a quick summary post on on all the blogger results here with a link so you can go onto that blogger's blog and read their opinions first-hand.

So these are the fabulous ladies working on the TFWOC project:-

Safiyah FrootiBeauty
Tass Une Tasse
LaaLaa Dolce Vanity
Stephanie Nerd about Town

Abi O's Beau Bronz - W/B 10th Sept 2012

Dija gave an amazing event review on the Abi O Spray Tanning event. She certainly has a way with words and hopefully this project can fulfil every aim she has set out.
Image courtesy of Dija's World
Another great review of the ABI O event. Lola has an insightful view of the event and has also added lots of points that will help you get through the tanning process just that bit easier. Plus the pictures she took for the evening came out AMAZING, I am actually a bit jealous.
Image Courtesy of LolaStar Hearts
Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady shows us how the Beau Bronz gradual tan and shimmer tan works on Olive skin tones, so ladies if you use a MAC foundation around a NC/NW30 then the gradual tan might just be what you need to get your skin tanned without looking orange.
Image Courtesy of Tattooed Tealady
Laalaa from Dolce Vanity is loving the Abi O products are ethical, green and cruelty free as this is a BIG ethics factor for her and her blog. I also loved that Laalaa showed how the product gave her hands the 'Midas Touch' so Ladies remember mitts and gloves!!!
Image Courtesy of Dolce Vanity
Dija from Dija's World is a bit anti-shimmer so she shows us the different ways she has experimented with using the shimmer tan, including mixing it with her daily moisturiser
Hafsa of Muslimah Beauty gives us a few tips on how to use this product to keep your holiday glow for just that bit longer.
Safiyah from Frootibeauty might not love the 'potato' like smell of this tan but she certainly loves the glistening gold effect
Image courtesy of Frootibeauty
Lola from Lolastar Hearts definitely loved the glow this product gave her. She even started using it on her legs almost every day after she received it.

The Shimmer that the Shimmer Tan gave Tass from Une Tasse is just amazing. While she is right to mention this product would not be strong enough to tan brown or black skin, it will give you a great shimmer.
I always love reading reviews from Grace of All That Slap. She loves the whole ethical and natural aspect of this product and while she might not use this that much right now because of the season, she would take this on holiday with her.
Last but not least, I give my little two-pence opinion on how the shimmer tan works on NW45 skin