Monday, 17 September 2012

Review: Gosh Instant Tan Gel in Dark (#TFWOC )

Another Week. Another Tanning product for the ‘Tans for Women Of Colour’ Project.

First off I want to thank everyone for all the positive response we had have so far for the #TFWOC Blogger Project. If you are joining the show a bit late, The TFWOC involves 11 lovely olive, brown or black skinned bloggers who are showing everyone that dark-skinned girls CAN tan and FYI the results are absolutely amazing!

Last Week we kicked things off with reviews of Abi O’s Beau Bronz and I am going to post up a summary of all the posts later on today so you can scan through all the different reviews in one place, and this week we have a Cruelty Free High-street/Drugstore Tan from Gosh Cosmetics.
Containing Day Moist CLR and organic Gojiberry, the Gosh Instant Tan Gel in Dark (rep. £7.69) is a Wash Off, DHA free Tan with Sugar beet extract and corn starch. As DHA is the main ingredient used to tan the skin, I was quite interested to see the effects this tan would have on my dark skin. 
I'm always a sucker for gold and black packaging so that won me off aesthetically. Even though it is shaped a bit like an aerosol can, this comes in comes with a doe foot applicator and comes out with a very dark brown (almost black) formula on my tanning mitt (Yes, i have a Tanning mitt now. After a twitter discussion with Sophia of Tattoed Tealady on twitter and how this was difficult to take off, I went to Superdrug and grabbed a Tanning mitt)
Initially I was impressed. I love the shade of brown my arm went and I thought it had a light soapy fragrance, which wasn’t too bad as far as fragrances go. I showed my swatched arm to my sis and she remarked on how glowy and healthy my swatched arm looked compared to my unswatched arm which honestly when doing a tan project on dark skin is what you want to hear so initially I was pleased as punch . . . until the tingling  . . .and then the burning . . .then the nausea happened
I don’t know what the hell happened because I’ve talked to the other girls who have reviewed the Gosh Instant Tan Gel so far and no one got the symptoms I had but then I am allergic to certain sugars (honey, watermelon, ragweed etc. etc.) so I might have just reacted to the Sugar beet root extract so if you have sensitive skin like me I wouldn’t really recommend this product for you are you might be playing with sugar-flavored fire.

Regardless I was not very impressed with this product because after the 30 odd minutes of fanning my arm and the burning/tingling feeling subsided (FINALLY!), the tan only lasted 2/3 hours before it completely faded away! I made the mistake of tanning too far up my arms into my wrist and tanned the bottom of my palm a bit orangey brown and after 3 hours the tan on my palm wasn’t even visible and seeing as this is meant to last 6/8 hours, I think anyone buying this to use on a night out will be very unimpressed.

Overall I loved the two hours of colour and the shade this product gave me but ladies with sensitive skin I wouldn’t recommend this at all. I didn’t have a positive experience with this product and I doubt you would either. I’m not normally one to give a negative review for a product unless it is absolutely crap but all I have to say is Tingling . . .Burning. . Spent the rest of the day in bed with a raging headache.

If anyone is interested in trying out this product for themselves as maybe my slight allergic reaction to it, doesn’t paint it in the best light. Leave a comment below and I’ll pop it in the post to you.