Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New in:- Ted baker Cosmetics Purse

I actually have a weird obsession with Ted Baker Cosmetic Purses. They are like the Mary Poppin's Carpet Bags of cosmetics because you can just stuff half your makeup in it and still zip it up . . . kinda. . . with a little bit of force

Seeing as my regular makeup purse was starting to look a bit too loved and verged on unhygienic, I went to boots to pick up a  temporary replacement and I came across this little beauty. 
I really have a thing for pink and sparrows so this put together the best of two worlds plus the little details like on the zip and the metal Ted Baker logo just made it seem a bit more luxurious and expensive than its £8 price tag.
 Now I did really buy this on looks alone rather than practicality but I was genuinely surprised once I opened it up and took out all the stuffing that it had an inside pouch compartment as well as a neatly tucked in compartment to put all my Japonesque mini makeup brushes. I actually love this in a mad way right now . . so much so that I'm a bit too scared to put my makeup in it and mess up its pretty pastelness (Yes. pastelness isn't a word but it is for the duration of this post)