Friday, 21 September 2012

How Fake are you Twitter Followers?

Fashion Brands, Designers and Politicians inflating their follower number with fake twitter accounts seems to be a popular theme on the twitterosphere at the moment, which to me seems quite silly, pointless and defeats the purpose of a SOCIAL MEDIA site. 

Social Media is about interaction. How you interact with your customers or followers and how they interact with you.

Now while I can see the temptation in doing so from a blogging perspective (more brands are willing to work with you the more followers/traffic they think you have) but honestly if I suddenly gained like 7,000 twitter followers in one day SOMEONE is going to notice and expose me and I WOULD end up losing a lot of organic followers as I would be deemed untrustworthy and unreliable to both brands and followers  . . . I mean lets face it, anyone who is desperate enough to buy themselves twitter followers,  it kinda means you really don’t have anything interesting to say in the first place.

Status People is website that analyses your twitter followers and lets you know how many of your followers are fake accounts, inactive or Good. I ran my details through status people (because I was curious you see) and I think I did better than I thought I would. Out of my 770 followers only 14% of that (108) are fake accounts and as far as im concerned THAT’S A PASS MARK!!

I’m going to run a few of celebrities through this because I’m nosey and curious loool let me know what your numbers are if you decide to check your fake follower numbers