Thursday, 2 August 2012

We Need You . . . To Tan!!!!

Hello My Lovelies,

I’ve got something a bit fun to share with you today.

Laalaa and I are starting a little project for Women of Colour living in the UK.

Yes . . . You read right . . . We are going to tan up the Olives, Browns and Black Beauties all for the love of Science Beauty.

This blogger project just stems off an email some bloggers received recently about tanning products for brown/black skin, and as you can imagine I was a bit confused as to why I would tan, I mean I'm already dark.

Turns out tanning is a great way to even out your skin tone, plus tanning products targeted at brown/black skin isn't necessarily about getting you darker but giving you a shimmer or bronze glow (so its more like a 4-5 days bronzer)

The project basically a great way to see how different tanning products would look on different skin shades, so right now we are rounding up the different bloggers that are interested in taking part in this project.

We have currently looking for any Asian or Light brown ladies who are interested in getting involved as we have already got a lot of response from the middle to the end of our scale of N35 – N50.

ALSO I would love to find a lady has a very dark brown skin (talking NW55/58)

If you are interested in joining our project then drop me ( or the gorgeous Laalaa ( an email.