Thursday, 9 August 2012

Spitalfield's Blogger Meet Up

 You have to love it when bloggers get together, a group of girls who know how difficult and annoying it is not to use a lipstick or a pair of earrings before you take blog pictures of it first. On Wednesday, 20 or so bloggers got together at Giraffe at Spitalfields for a blogger/vlogger get together and despite the VERY crap customer service we got from  the restaurant, we had a great time.
I met a lot of great new and old bloggers,and honestly I'm thinking of going again for the Saturday meet up just to have another go and the whole experience
Sheree and Jen
The Beautiful Promise who arranged the whole thing

Meet-Up Highlights

  • Sheree and I took it upon ourselves sample almost every cocktail they had on the list (well at 50% off, thats just too good a deal). Between the 2 of us I think we had 8 drinks (o_0)
  • Found out where I can get some great Topshop replica ear-cuffs
LOVE the way Michelle wore this white blazer
  • Have more inside knowledge of certain Human Hair Companies (It ain't pretty!)
  • Dropped my camera on the floor
  • Some bloggers really don't like fruit ice tea  . . . and no amount of brown sugar can change that (Yes Wunmi, I'm talking about You!)
  • Took the waitress 45 minutes to take our order and another 30 minutes to get it . . . this was after we had been there for almost 2 hours (-_-)
  • Food was absolutely gorgeous . . . but food always taste better when you're half starved looool
  • Left my Purse at the restaurant and had to walk all the way back to get it
I'm not sure on all the bloggers; blogs and names, but I find them out and will put down all the links of the bloggers who came . . . once I find out on twitter