Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Review:- Revlon Colorburst in Sizzle, Crystal Lilac & Strawberry

As summer decided to skip the UK this year, I'm using my funds that would normally go into sprucing  up my summer wardrobe on makeup (typical me), I popped into my local Boots and stocked up on my favourite drugstore lip glosses . . . Revlon's Colorburst!!!!!

I am a huge fan of the Colorburst lip glosses as the sleek Chanel-like packaging contains some of the most pigmented shades & moisturising formulas around. For those that have not tired Revlon's Colorburst lip glosses I would definitely recommend then as the formula is smooth, lightweight and non-sticky, plus right now Boots are having a 3 for 2 offer on the Revlon products which as good an excuse as any to pick up a few shades.

Sizzle (046, £7.99) is an eye-popping, orange lipgloss with red undertones in its tube but comes out as a semi-opaque orange that adds a lot of warmth to my lip, visualise an instant warm glow.  I normally do not reach for orange shades but there really is no denying that wonderful effect an orange-toned lipgloss has on dark skin.
Strawberry (006, £7.99) is a soft-pinky red lipgloss with specks of silver glitter in its tube that thankfully (as silver undertones can make dark skin look as chalky as talcum powder) doesn't not stand out when swatched on skin . . . well at least not on my lips anyway. Would love to team this up with a paler pink lipstick (maybe MAC's Creme in Your Coffee/Viva Glam 4) with Strawberry on the middle portion of my lip to give it a little pop.
Crystal Lilac (002, £7.99) is a bubble-gum pink which has this weird Northern Light Reflects going on that is absolutely dazzling!! I think the reflects in this lipgloss convinced me to buy this as I would never go for a pink that light if I didn't feel there was something special about it. I think this would go great as a lipstick/gloss come with some of my neutral lipstick though.
I really love what I picked up but I really wanted another shade called Sunbaked which looked absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Seeing as I just bought 3 Revlon Colorburst, how do i justify buying one more?