Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Keziah Connections Event at Becca Cosmetics

An event about 'Beauty, Equality, Legacy' and Knowledge.

Keziah Connections is a monthly networking evening where entrepreneurial, enterprising, professional women of colour with a passion for beauty gather to share their expertise and experience to encourage and motivate. With Founder, Blogger and Host for the night, Natalie Clue (Beauty Pulse London) on hand all evening, introducing guests to each other and encouraging everyone to mingle, there was no doubt that the Keziah Connections debut event was going to be successful and meet its aim of nurturing and networking women of colour involved in the UK beauty industry

My main purpose for going to the Keziah Connections event (well apart from networking – I do love to network) was to show support for Hafsa from Muslimah Beauty who was giving a talk on her beauty blogging experience, how she got into blogging, her niche position in combining beauty with her Muslim belief & culture and how she combines this into her blog. Hafsa was absolutely FANTASTIC!!! She was clear, passionate, relateable and honestly I think she might just have a future in public speaking.

 ‘Getting into the Marketing Mix’ with Becca Cosmetics London, Marketing & Communications Coordinator Lara Odunsanya left the audience with a message that getting into the Beauty industry is more Passion and drive, over Book Knowledge. Talking briefly about her journey, Lara touched on her interest, the competitiveness and the rapid pace of the beauty industry, and also her views on internships.
She then gave a quick makeup demonstration of Becca Cosmetics on a guest, informing the audience of the key factors of Becca, its origins and how each product can be used to get a natural, dewy and even finish (Great for the days you don’t want to look like you are wearing an entire bucket worth of makeup).

 Lukwesa Burak was just amazing!!! Anchor for Sky World News and Founder of online haire care and beauty retail store Gidore (Home of products for Kinky, Curly and Multi-textured hair), Lukwesa is just amazing!!! I could probably gush about her all day about meeting her (and how I got gob-smacked and started stumbling over my words . . . (-_-) . . . typical) but what stood out for me was her knowledge and drive to create a portal and community for the knowledge of quality products, what certain ingredients do for your hair and relevant advice. Speaking on her personal struggle and frustration with trying to find products which were marked by brands as being able to work for curly hair but never lived up to their claims and promises, through Gidore she only supplies products which have been tried and tested. She also takes it one step further by putting up before and after pictures of customer who have used a certain product so it is easier for you to take their recommendation and judge for yourself whether a certain product is good for you or not.

She raised many good points throughout her talk, especially on the EU-certification of products, which I plan to do more research on and do a blog post as it is something I feel you should know.

Overall I had a great time, gorged on strawberries, met some wonderful people and with the recommendation of the Becca Staff, bought a new foundation and foundation brush which I can't wait to take pictures up of