Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hilarious . . . . Non??

Hi everyone, today’s post is very impromptu and being drafted straight from my office computer on my lunch break, so I apologise if there are a few more spelling mistakes that normal but I really wanted to pen down my thoughts on this before something comes up and I never get round to it.

As a blogger, I am always keeping tracks on my stats, referring URLs, and keywords so I can always track what is going on with my blog, what topics my readers enjoy and what are not really as popular. While finishing up my most recent post on Keziah Connections Event, I noticed that my overall blog stats had jumped by about 1000 views in 3 hours and (unfortunately) this is not really normal. A quick scan of my keywords and referring URLs showed up a lot of traffic from, which I found very odd as I have never used Reddit and I don’t even have an account on their site.

Roughly 5/7 hours ago, a troll stole a picture I posted 2 weeks ago on a fake injury makeup shoot I did on an actor called Kassidy Chaplin and led people to believe that he was a black man who had been beaten and mugged by young black teenagers and he was having an identity crisis and considering becoming racist towards people of his own race (Click here for the reddit link)
At first, I thought this was HILARIOUS as while I am proud of my work and I knew that the fake black eye, swelling and bruising was good . . . but DAMN, I didn’t think it was THAT good!! Anyway, I started scrolling through the 300+ comments on Reddit and I quickly became horrified on what the troll was doing with a piece of my work. He (I’m assuming it’s a he) was literally creating a racial fire and conning people into sending him free clothes as his clothes were ‘allegedly’ destroyed by the black teenagers who beat him up.

I’m just horrified!!!

People, good Samaritans, were giving him emails and worse still were sharing their stories of when a similar experience happen to them, trying to counsel this sick, twisted b*****d

I am so upset and disgusted that someone would use my work in this way but whoever discovered this troll and exposed his con.