Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Add Clickable Links To Blog Comments

Hello my lovelies,

I thought I should do something a little different today by directing my focus away from beauty (at least for this post anyway) and do a mini blog tutorial, as I've always wanted to do one.

Let me set the scene. . . 

After hours or minutes (depending on your stalking tendencies), you've come across a great post by another blogger and as you finish writing up an opinion on their blog post, you want to leave your blog link so that they or their readers can pop in to check out your blog easily. 

As you've probably realised by now,  Blogger/Blogspot doesn't add an active hyperlink to any links left in the comments section of Blogger blogs; which is very crappy, but I'm going to give you a handy little tip on how to add CLICKABLE links to Blog comments.

First of all, Find a blog you want to comment on.

Right, So here's the clever bit, type this into the comment box along with your comment

<a href="http://epiphanniea.blogspot.co.uk">Epiphannie A: Beauty by a Disneyvore</a>

As you can see I've added my blog link (which is in orange) and also add a text label (in fuchsia)  which will show up on the comment rather than a url
Now obviously this link has my blog address attached but all you need to do it is edit it and add your blog address and the text that you want the link to show up as.


Hope this helps someone out  . . .and remember that with Great Knowledge comes Great Responsibility so don't abuse this