Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ruby & Ed Blue Suede Pumps . . . Something is WRONG!!!

I just hate it when I see a product that catches my attention at first glance; I’m talking stop in your tracks attention grabbing, and then when you see it in reality, it looks like a big, old, brown lump!!

I saw this beautiful pair of pastel blue suede pumps from Ruby+Ed in Emerald Street’s daily newsletter, which I immediately fell in love with.

Going on the Ruby+Ed website to purchase them; I was confronted by these . . .

Are these even the same freaking shoes??? They don’t even look remotely the same!!!

And why the hell is this wallflower version more expensive than the one shown on the Emerald Street newsletter??

Doesn’t this even classify as false advertising? If not, can I protest on the grounds on emotional distress

*Amendment - Just been informed (quite speedily might I add) by the Ruby+Ed's PR Team that there were a few things I might have missed or were not made clear on the Emerald Street Newsletter or their website. 
The pumps were priced ‘From £35’ (as they have a canvas and suede version of the shoe) and in the companies T&C, it states that you get a ribbon laces when you type in the code "NEON' in the checkout.