Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Review: New CID Cosmetics i-Flutter Mascara*

Every girl (or guy depending) needs a mascara in their makeup routine that acts as a stable. It does what it’s meant to and doesn’t leave you looking like you gelled your eyelashes together. I honestly have so, so, so, so many mascaras all promising to do many miraculous things to my eyelashes nbut know and I know that when the clock is ticking and you have a train to catch, you always go for certain ones.
Allow me to introduce one of my makeup case staples, New CID Cosmetic’s i-Flutter Mascara.
I received the New CID i-flutter a long time ago at the New CID Cosmetics product launch and I didn’t use it until I ran out of my favorite high-street mascara and needed a quick replacement. I actually think this works a bit better, and as such replaced it.
I-flutter is a super, slick little gizmo as it is a lengthening and volumnising mascara with two intertwining brush heads on one wand that separate and lengthens each other without leaving a clumpy mess.
Look ma - No clumps!!
At £18.50, it is double what I normally spend on small brand mascara but when something works for you, it works.