Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Review: Robinkka Essential Oil Hair Refreshener in Palmura*

Ok . . . Let me just skip my normal (and sometimes long-winded) introduction when I tell you all about a product positives like ‘It’s made from Essential Oils’ and how it leave your hair ‘Freshly scented’ and skip straight to the point. Robinkka’s Essential Oil Refreshener offends my nose!

The scent is SO strong, it borders on obscene. 
Now it might sound super harsh to admit that I point blank refused to use a product just because of its smell especially as I have a personal and blog policy to try and always give POSITIVE criticism but honestly I couldn’t bring myself to use this and allow the smell to waft around my hair all day as honestly one spray of this baby had me feeling woozy and a bit ill.
So rather than rip into the Essential Oil Refreshener (completely), I passed it on to Fiona from Love Your Tresses who is a Hair Blogger to give her spin on things.

My first impression of this product based on packaging and labelling was; 'not bad' and 'cute looking'. I gave the spray head a squirt to see how efficient it was and it gave the perfect amount of spritz. Plus, out of it came a very pleasant, potent smell, one I knew I wouldn't mind using on my hair. That was until the Haircare Geek in me decided to take a look at the ingredients list first. As great as a product may smell, more important is what ingredients the product contains that will be going on your hair.

The first ingredient was 'Alcohol' which immediately sent stress signals down my spine. 

As the first ingredient this means it is the main ingredient in the product and therefore, I decided not to use the product at all. In most cases when Alcohol is present in a hair product I use, it finds itself at the bottom of the ingredients list. I would rather use a product with Alcohol in it but with other beneficial ingredients such as water as the main ingredient.
As a product that is marketed as being made from Essential Oils and natural ingredients, you would assume that it would be kinder to the hair and less alcohol based but it just goes to show; Check the ingredients. . . . and trust the nose!

*Disclaimer:- I did not purchase this product. It was either given to me to review or given in an event goody bag. This is no way or form affected mine or Fiona's review.