Thursday, 7 June 2012

Review: MAC Lipglass in Spite

I’m not what you would call a spiteful person but I would really love to go around being a complete cow for a day and when I get confronted for my negative behaviour, I’ll just say “My lipgloss made me do it”.

Now while I don’t know how successfully that would work as an excuse (even though I would probably try it out one day), it doesn’t stop Spite from MAC being an absolute gorgeous lipglass shade.
Best described as a nude, plummy brown, Spite is another recent purchase that I seem to either find in my jeans pocket or in depths of my bag because I really seem to wear it more than my other glosses at the moment and honestly that has to be because Spite is one of those lipgloss shades that are so close (but a better version) of your natural lip shade that you can get away with being COMPLETELY lazy and not having to wear lipliner or a balm or anything extra. Which is super as I’m one of those people you see commuting on the train or bus who always seems to be putting on the last touches of their makeup.
Spite can look a little dull and cool in its tube and while it is not as richly pigmented as many of the products I would normally go for, it is very easy to apply this shade and once applied it kind of adapts to your lips
I think Spite is just one of those colors that would look great no matter your skin tones. It’s simple, neutral and you don’t have to think too hard to use it