Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Want to Combat A Bad Day? Add A Bit Of Chestnut, Spice and Spite.

You know you’ve had a bad day when you have the compulsion to throw an iPhone (with hopefully pinpoint accuracy) at the back of a stranger’s head.

Honestly though, they would have deserved it.

In their haste to get onto their train, this person bumped into me HARD and sent my iPhone sprawling to its concrete demise, leaving only a disfigured plastic and technological mesh


Someone barged into me at London Bridge and smashed my iPhone without saying sorry. I know I really could have just started off the post like this but I was really getting into the whole melodramatic storytelling.

Normally this would have pissed me off and I would have gotten over it but after a red pen exploded onto my favourite white cardigan (which fyi I only bought 2 weeks ago), I spilt tea all over desk at work, my camera’s SD card stopped working so I now have to buy a new one, some silly person smashed my iPhone and then I almost missed my 1st driving lesson in 3 years because some Nigerian lady decided to have an argument with the bus driver because she didn’t have enough money on her oyster card and thought haggling with the bus driver will get her to her destination . . . All in one day . . . Beauty Retail is in need.
Presenting a small effort to cheer myself up. MAC’s Lipgloss in Spice and Spite and MAC’s Lipliner in Chestnut.
I know that I might be a slave to consumerism for cheering myself up with lipgloss but lets be honest with a day this bad, a mini nude lipgloss haul gives me something positive to fuss over rather than the fact that I can no longer, tweet, instagram, listen to music or read iBooks for 2 weeks.
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