Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Three Lipsticks of Westfield: MAC and Kiko

 There is something about this post title that makes want to me start belting out 'We, thre Kings of Orient, are' but unfortunately it's wrong season to be singing Christmas carols or to make Christmas punned blog titles (which is unfortunate, as this would have been a really good one).
This is going to a Haul Post *yaaaaay* It feels like ages since I've done one of these and seeing as I keep finding myself in Westfield, Stratford aka Stratfield more and more these days, I actually do have quite a bit to show you (just not in this post). Lately I've been on a lipstick hunt and I have really been wanting to add a few nude lipsticks to my collection but just my luck I couldn't seem to find the MAC store in Stratfield. While hunting around for it, I chanced upon the Kiko store and thought *meh - shoulder shrug* 'Might as well'. The Makeup gods must have been soying on me that day, as the store was having a sale on their lipsticks  . . . . £3 PEOPLE!!!!

So taking a leap of faith *on the assumption that it the brand can afford to set up a branch store in Westfield then they should have at least a decent lippie* I choose Kiko's creamy lipstick in two shades, 395 and 393. Kiko's creamy lipstick in 393 is a very cool beige brown, which I thought would look great on me when I swatched it in the shop but when I actually wore it when I got home, it just seemed a bit too cool for me.
Kiko's creamy lipstick in 395 is more of the nude shade I was looking for, it warm, pinkish brown nude colour that looks perfect on me.
I actually felt very content with my purchases and will review them in depth later on; as I'm curious about their wear time . . . but I still wanted to know where the MAC store was. Now this is where I thank Baby Jesus for social media; sending a 140 character twitter plea to my followers,  I was told where the MAC store is and no wonder I couldn't find it. First, it is so DINKY *that means tiny in Annie language* and it is hiding in the most random of locations.

Now wouldn't you believe it, after all that stress of finding the MAC store, they didn't have the lipstick I wanted it stock which is super annoying. Having hyped myself and spent about an hour looking for the store I decided to just choose something else and MAC Speak Louder lipstick just seemed to cream out at me. I don't normally like pink or bright shades but I actually love this colour. I think it is very wearable and not blinding at all.
Overall I love my 3 wise lipsticks *couldn't resist making the pun* and if anyone needs a guide of Stratfield, I think I now know that shopping centre like the back of my hand.
Has anyone tried any other Kiko Products? Never heard of them before today, what do you think about their quality?