Friday, 9 March 2012

Shh . . . Can you keep a secret??

It's perfectly all right if you can't because I'm still going to tell you anyway. . . . Introducing Pamper Secrets, the latest box of choice. 
Pamper Secrets by Amitee UK, is the UK’s first ever monthly subscription beauty box aimed AT but not exclusively for women of colour living within UK. As someone of dark skinned living in the UK, I can give testimonials upon testimonials about how frustrating it can be trying to find makeup that actually work with my skin tone. It is flipping annoying and can be very discouraging. What Pamper Secrets does is to select top quality brands and products that suits your skin-tone, and/ or hair care type and then send them for you so that you can test them out before committing to buying the full size; this way you have a month to play with it and KNOW it actually works for you.
For this month only, memberships will be open to everyone, and a subscription made during this time will automatically qualify a customer to become a Pamper Secrets member, thereafter sign-ups will be closed and based on a first come, first served basis. Everyone will then have wait to be invited by an existing member to qualify for a Pamper Secrets Box, however you could still stand a chance to get one each month as they plan to do Flash Giveaways and Competitions . .so don't lose hope!!!Boxes are sent out the last week of march so you still have approximately 2 weeks to go.

One thing I really love about this company is their logo (Is it weird to like a logo???). Apart from being my favourite colour, it has a really pretty purple and lilac gradient that I think is super attractive and appealing, and so being the weird, recluse that I am, I decided to reproduce it . . . on skin . . . as an inspired makeup look.
This look is all about the gradient so no harsh lines allowed! Blending is your new best friend. After doing my brows *all hail the brows* I applied a white base from my  lid to my browbone. Mixing MAC's Hepcat and  Parfait Amour together, I applied this shade mixture in the middle section of my lid, then taking MAC'S Indian Ink, I applied this on my inner vee and my crease making sure to blend it into my Hepcat and Parfait Amour Colour so I don't get a harsh line. Next I took MAC's Beauty Marked to my outer vee, adding a bit of flair to my eyes. Using a flat shader brush, I applied Barry M's Pigment in Silver iridescent to my inner lid and inner corners. I found that after I did this I need a transitional colour as the pigment and the rest of the eye didn't seem to work very well so MUA Academy Eyeshadow in Pearl came to my rescue and acted as a beautiful light lilac, tying everything together. MAC'S Bisque was then added to m,y browbone with MAC's Texture used to blend it to the rest of the eye. Mac;s BlackTrack Fluidline framed my eyes and my Ebay eyelashes gave this look wings.
Base - Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Inner Corner - Barry M Pigment in 
Transition Colour - MUA Academy Eyeshadow in Pearl (Shade 4)
Lid Colour - MAC Hepcat and MAC Parfait Amour
Crease and Inner Vee - MAC Pro Indian Ink
Outer Vee - MAC Beauty Marked
Crease Transition Colour - MAC Texture
Browbone - MAC Bisque
Eyeliner - MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Eyelashes - Ebay
Lipliner - Sleek Lip Pencil in Deep Cherry
Lipgloss - Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss in Mina

Hope you like my look and get to subscribing before the boxes run out . . .shoooo!!!