Thursday, 2 February 2012

January Haul (Part One) - Featuring MAC, H&M and Primark

January has been a bit of 'blues' month for me; as everything that could go wrong just went wrong, which meant that my shopping monster came out to play in full force.*What can I say?? I'm upset, I buy  . . . Blame it on a rampant consumerism culture*
So on that note, I'm going to be splitting my January purchases into 2 or 3 posts because it is way too much to fit into one post *I'm a touch lazy*

First up H&M

I got this gorgeous and mysterious looking hat at the Oxford Circus H&M, literally 30 mins before the New CID Cosmetics event. Joy and I got to the event too early and decide to do a spot of shopping to pass the time (and ended up being late to the event, wouldn't you know?!)

This top hat strikes me as very Anglo-manian with a dark, modern Victorian twist. It's dark, black, raven feathers are too gorgeous . . . I really wish I could wear this every day

Next Contender  . . . . Primarni (aka Primark)

I buy waaaay too many earrings from Primark. I know I do but they always have what I'm looking for at the time . . plus they had feathers . . . and I love feathers . . . and in my defence I don't own any silver or grey-tones earrings so I'm building up my collection
Next up is this hummingbird inspired hair pin. I don't actually know where or when I am going to wear this but it ran with my feathers theme of the day so into my basket it went.
I bought these key rings or bag rings . . clasps . .whatever  . . . with the clever idea of clipping them to a pair of shoes I own. I thought these would really brighten up a pair of really dull shoes and while I haven't tried out my idea yet, there is still time.

Back to MAC

I've been dying to hit up the MAC Counter for a while now as my MAC list on my iPhone seems to grow every time I browse YouTube.

First up, MAC Rebel. I think Rebel is turning into a cult lipstick for ladies of colour as everyone seems to have this plummy lipstick and for good reason it is absolute gorgeous. I see me using this lipstick a lot in the coming months
Approaching Storm is apart of the Daphne Guinness limited edition collection for MAC. I think the best way to describe Approaching storm is as a dark, velvety brown colour. On me it shows up on the darker shade of nude and just a few shades darker than my natural lip shade.
Viva Glam VI has to be my favourite lipstick of all time. You know that lipstick you have that you would still wear even if it melt and if it finished you dig out what's left in the tub with a lipstick brush?? Well for me that lipstick is Viva Glam VI. This is the first lipstick I bought from MAC and will always repurchase  . . it's sooo pretty!!!
Well that's it for this Haul edition, watch out for my next one x