Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Cousin's Wedding

I posted a few weeks ago on my Cousin Traditional wedding which was held in Nigeria, and I was meant to post this a few days afterwards but I was so tired and then we had to get ready to come back home and I never seem to get round to it but enough excuses . . . on to the big day!!!
Awww, they look so happy
Now this is the type of wedding I am more used (the traditional wedding did trip me up a bit *I blame the bad singing*). The theme for this wedding was silver and turquoise. The women from the Bride's side of the family had to wear a turmoil lace dress *Can't remember what it's called, I will ask my mum* paired with a silver gele *which if you remember is a silver headpiece* and the ladies from the groom side of the family had to wear the turquoise lace but with a turquoise gele. Now it's really important you follow the dress code for Nigerian weddings, because if you don't the wedding organisers won't know which side of the wedding party you belong to and you might just end up without a seat!
The Elders
While my cousins and I rocked it in our respective silver and turquoise dresses at home (Mine's from Jane Norman*If you are curious*), My sister and my other cousins rocked it on the bridal train.
Not sure if you can't tell but even my fingers were on team *swagger*
Love how the colours match all our different skin tones
I had the best time ever and I really which I could post up all the pictures I took so you guys could share the day with me.

I think this is the cutest picture I took all day.