Friday, 30 December 2011

Epiphannie A in Nigeria - My Cousin's Traditional Wedding

As you may have guessed already from the theme of my posts lately, I'm in Nigeria at the moment and I'm not really here for the Xmas holidays but for my cousin's wedding, which is a really big deal in my family as she is the first grandchild to get hitched *lucky her*
Nigerian Weddings are a VERY colourful affair in England or Nigeria or wherever on earth you might be. I've never actually experienced a full Nigerian wedding in all it's colourful and flamboyant glory (as I normally slip in at the reception and head straight for the buffet table *sad but true*) but I did notice a slight difference in the way they were arranged in Nigeria compared to England.

Nigerian weddings are split into two (or maybe three depending on your tribe and religion) but the most common are an English wedding (you know white dress, a priest and a church) and a traditional wedding (African clothes, and banshee-like singing). In England we tend to squish these together and hold them on the same day to save money and time but in Nigeria, each wedding is given their own separate day, which I think is better.
My cousins and my stupidly tall sister (far right)
My mum (center) and my beautiful aunts 
Me rocking the yellow and silver
The Blushing Bride

Yesterday was the traditional wedding, where we all had to wear traditional garments in the theme of yellow ankara (african print) with a silver gele (headdress) while the aunts from the bride side of then family had to wear brown with an orange gele
I normally don't like the colour yellow but the tailor did an amazing job suiting up my family (my lil cousin just looked so adorable)

I had the best day ever and my cousin Joyin just looked so gorgeous, I can't wait for the next part of the wedding