Friday, 23 December 2011

Epiphannie A in Nigeria - My Xmas Turkey Shock

So I walked through the front gate of my Aunt's house this afternoon after spending the day at an accessories expo and I SCREAMED!!!!
Not the prettiest Xmas Turkey on the table, are ya??
What the hell was a LIVE turkey doing in front of the house????
Turns out for the holiday season, Nigerians give each other live livestock as presents . . . why would ANYONE think that giving someone a live turkey is a good present is beyond me to be honest loooool

I'm just too scared to leave my Aunt's house now because whoever tied up the turkey in the front yard put it on a VERY long leash, so Mr. Turkey can reach the front door . . . and in all honest, it's a bit scary looking
OMG It's looking right at me!!! Can it sense my camera??