Thursday, 3 November 2011

Book Me In For Surgery at Surgery PR

A few weeks ago, Surgery PR invited me down to their office for a meet and greet with a big bunch of social media savvy people.

 It was great to see all their PR Clients products grouped in one room . . . and super tempting at the same time *as I saw a few shoes and bags that would look right at home in my room*. It got so bad that Joy and I started online shopping on our iPhones trying to find this absolutely gorgeous Aldo bag.

What I would give to own all these shoes!
Surgery are fronting some seriously gorgeous brands like Aldo, Baratts, Superdry, Dirty, Sexy Things to name a few. If they ever need to shift any stock . . I volunteer to take it off their hands!!!!

I claim this Bracelet in my mind
One of the bags that I spend all night iPhone shopping for
So sparkly!!!
New nailpolishes coming out 2012, so ladies and gentlemen keep an eye out