Thursday, 8 September 2011

My September Wishlist . . .

I am super big itno anything black . . .studded . . . and pwettiiiiii (but honestly I think prettiness lies in the eyes of the beholder). These are the things that I am absolutely dying to have in my cupboard before September is over, anyone who has seen me lately knows that I love my leather jacket and I seem to be wearing it everyday but I actually think I might have just found a new favourite.

FYI as I really should mention this. The Gotsu Laptop Sleeve by Kipling x JCDC will completely and utterly be an impulse buy, as I don't actually own a laptop . . .I do on the other-hand have a netbook but I'm so in love with this laptop sleeve that I intend to buy it, and stuff tissue paper into it, so Nettie *thats my pet name for my netbook btw* will have a comfy fit.
1) Midnight Chopped Bomber from Plastic Island (available at NYLA Boutique)
2) Black Studded Peep Toe from River Island
3) Double Cut Out Rings from LUV AJ (available at NYLA Boutique)
4) Black Faux fur Studded Sandals from River Island
5) Batik Africa Necklace from People Tree (available at ASOS)
6) Gotsu Laptop Sleeve from Kipling (exclusively at Selfridges)