Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Hairspray that Snaps, Crackles and Pops . . . Literally!!

This morning, I decided to reach for my KMS California (Hairstay Style Boost) Hairspray that I received in my August Glossybox and as soon as I pressed the nozzle to release the mousse loooool I thought my hand (and my hair) *as I had plopped in on my hair subconsciously - as you do with most hair products* had been donked in an amplified bowl of rice krispies!!!!

I actually kid you not!!!

This hairspray/hair mousse is just plain, old mean, and the manufacturers should have stuck on warning sign label on the body of this product - something along the lines of this

"WARNING Product designed to make your hair sound like popping candy!!!!"

Taking a quick glance at the ingredients for this hairsprays betrays it's secret . . . It's made with pepper loooool golly gosh!!! What will they think of next!!

Well at the moment my hair seems to holding reasonably well against the wind, so the pepper spray *see what I did there* seems to be working.