Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Things I come across on the web . . . Pancake Pillows

Yes!! . . . You read right!! . . . Pancake Pillows!!
Someone out there in the big wide world that is Mother Earth designed stackable pancake floor pillows, and you know what . . . I wish to shake their hands enthusiastically and give them a big fat hug.

I just LOVE this!!!

I mean, Come on!! What’s not to love?? I’m sure everyone as a child has had a dream that they got shrunk by a mad scientist at a breakfast table . . . or maybe that's just me after watching too many episodes of ‘Honey I shrunk the Kids’ on the Disney Channel.

Anyway, I love this and my only regret is not finding this around Pancake Day. This would have been the perfect feature

Pancake Pillows found via Crenk