Thursday, 1 September 2011

Blondi Rae at Earth Salon . . .

Here I am  . . . Oxford Circus . . .Soaking wet . . . marching like a storm trooper in the rain . . rushing to get myself to the Blondi Rae and Earth Hairdressing event as I was DETERMINED for once not to be late (and my efforts paid off *yaaay me*). Despite the low turn out due to the gale force wind and rain, it was a great event, very cosy and highly informative.

 When I walked in to Earth Salon, Blondi Rae was in the middle of filming her online video demonstration on her new hair colour remover, turning the models hair from a Cheryl Cole red, back to her natural brunette colour (and I really wish I remembered to pull out my camera while I was there because the results where amazing) The Blondi Rae Colour Remover is really one of a kind, because it acts more like a conditioning treatement than a remover *that's not to say it does not do its job*, it does what it's meant to and even better can leave your hair in a better condition than when you sat in the stylist's chair. It is a peroxide-free treatment so there is no burning . . . no funny smells . . .and no damage!!!!
Blondi Rae really had the gift of gab, because I don't know how she managed to keep finding this to say for the duration of the video, it was very interesting to watch her do it. Click here to check her out in action
At the moment, Blondi Rae Products are for professional use only, but once its not . .  .I will be the first person in the queue to snap up these bad boys!!!!