Monday, 1 August 2011

Glowing with NARS Sheer Glow

So summer has finally decided to peek it cheeky little head this week so I thought I should da a review on the foundation I'm currently *kinda* using for the summer. This is not a really a brand new product straight off the beauty press. I think it was launched last year spring time sometime (not sure exactly when though)
NARS Sheer Glow foundation is a light- medium coverage foundation that is meant to brighten, clarify and hydrate your skin, as well as minimised skin discolouration. It comes in 20 different shades and should be available for purchase at your nearest NARS counter or online. 
NARS Sheer Glow in Trinidad - I'm now Trinidadian =)
My foundation colour in NARS is Trinidad (dark 3), *and fyi I'm an nw45 in MAC*, and what I was initially impressed with, is that this foundation doesn't have an weird yellow undertone that many foundations for Afro-British skin have, so it looked very natural on my face. I love, love, love the lightweight, dewy feeling of this foundation, it's exactly how a summer foundation should feel. It doesn't sit on your face like a ton of bricks and then melt off in a rain-pour the moment you step outside into the heat like a lot of foundations do. I felt it blending very nicely without too many streaks *which is a bonus* and lasted relatively the whole day.
Swatch of Foundation
Blended a little so shade is visible
All blended out

I don't really have anything outrageously evil to say about this foundation as I did quite like it, however:-
  • I think NARS should really rethink the formula for this foundation as it made my face look way too shiny and oily, (it complete changed my skin type from normal to oily*Not good!!*) and as a result I had to use a lot of more powder than I usually do to combat the sheen.
  • I hate the fact that this doesn't come with a pump, as it can get a bit messy and I personally felt that I was partaking in a science experiment trying to measure out the right quantity to use

Overall Feedback (2/5)

 I really want to rate this foundation highly because on one hand it hit the targets which I was looking for in regards to a summer foundation (lightweight and a decent coverage) but on the other hand I really do not want to look more shiny that I need to be. I actually have not really used this foundation too often; one because the weather in London has been completely HORRIBLE and two because I'm currently using a MAC NW40 concealer and my concealer and this foundation doesn't match or work very well together . . . . and well it makes me look a bit patchy. But after a quick visit to the Selfridge's NARS makeup counter this weekend, I found out that they were planning to release a wide range of concealer that would/should work with their foundation shades.

I am a bit disappointed that I'm going to have to buy a new concealer in order to get my money's worth out of this foundation, because at £29.50 (RRP) this foundation is not what I call cheap and it costs more than my regular foundation.