Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Glitter Puff Disaster!!!

Hey everyone,

 Well if you remember, (and if you don't and are curious,click HERE) I talked about a lovely glitter puff set that I found at the Haagen Das Boudoir, which I am/was completely smitten with and I asked if anyone knew what cosmetics brand it came from . . . Now I know . . . Benefit!!!!
Exhibit A - The puff being discussed

Just even typing that name on my blog irritates me.  I have so far had a really bad experience with the benefit cosmetics counter, and I know it's really immature to base my opinion on a brand by my experience I received from their makeup artists rather than the quality of their products, but in this case I really don't care. I've never had a customer experience so bad in my entire retail life!!!

 Before visiting the benefits store on Carnaby street, I've never been or even tried any benefit products, I was only going in because I ran out of black eyeliner and she recommended benefits eyeliner. So I dragged Joy into the pink post 1945 looking store to sample the eyeliner and the store was completely deserted!!! There were no sales assistant, customer assistant, makeup assistants (whatever you want to call them) insight. (which FYI is a invitation for thieves to steal the whole of the shop front stock and walk out of the door) but after having located the eyeliner by myself, I found a few lipstick (gorgeous colours) that I wanted to ask a few questions about. So it was time to put my Sherlock Holmes hat on and look for them and to my unsuprise I found them at the back of the shop, gossiping over the tills . . . Blatantly ignoring me. It took 5 mins for me to me to get their attention and ask for a price for their lipsticks . . . And then they went right back to ignoring me . . . WTF??!!! By this time I was soo irritated with them that I just dumped the lipsticks and very nearly dumped the eyeliner (which I specifically came into the store to buy). I just had to catch the sales assistant attention again (who had the audacity to give ME an exasperated look) and pay for the eyeliner. Now despite the awful experience I had at the counter, I really do love the eyeliner I bought but I know that once it runs out I won't repeat buy it because my view on the whole brand has been jaded by that one store. So sorry my pretty glitter puff . . . You and I will never be acquainted!!