Monday, 25 July 2011

I think I died and went to Haagen Das Heaeven . . .

No seriously!! I swear I did.
I look like an urban princess x
First off, I want to apologise for the shoddy quality of my pictures on this post because my camera decided to break and I was left to make do. Joy from Joy to the World, Erica from Erica Matthews and I spent Friday afternoon being treated to a girly night in courtesy of Haagen Das and I had the greatest time ever!!!!!! I actually wish I could replay the day over and over. . .or maybe just lock myself in the boudior forever (with a lifetime supply of icecream I think it was possible)
See what I mean . . all those lovely flavours
My boudoir session was hosted by the girls from Shoewawa who were absolutely lovely and totally knew their stuff. They showed us all the different dresses in the Haagen das wardrobe (so many designer dresses, so little time *exasperated sigh*). They also helped us compile different outfits, told us all the upcoming AW season shoe trends (f.y.i its all about embellishments, fetish shoes *yaaaay* and colour blocking heels), explained the Stylist pick website; which is great because I signed up like the beginning of the year and I wasn't too sure how to use it, and also gave me a few blogging tips.

I love this dress, it was just the right colour and had spikes on it . .and I love embellishments

I think the sun hat adds a lil something to the dress . .wish it didnt have a polka dot sash attached though loool
One thing I absolutely most mention before I signed off, The dressing room!!! Well the beauty side anyway. They had a few choice products out of show donated lovingly by NARS, MAC, Bobbi Brown and O.P.I. I got to play around with some of these products and I've added a few thing to my wishlist.
The glitter from the poff looks great in the light - Anyone know what brand that is??
NARS sticks in copacabana and orgasm, and blush palette in hungry heart
Love this colour

I love the lipstick . . but I think I love the lipstick stand more lool
Hmmmmm . . . .not sure If I like this pic or not but oh well
The boudoir session lasted for about 2 hours and I really didn't want to leave at the end of it. I actually propositioned the Haagen Das girls if I could rent out the boudoir room from under the feet. I mean who needs a bathroom when you have luxury???

Its so beautiful  . . .not sure if you can tell  . .this pic is a teeny weeny dark
Much Better - In the corner is a wii, a tv, games etc
The dressing room . . . I repeat I'm in love
All in a a girl an email =D

I didn't photography or anything but this pic is kinda decent lool
Their version of a shoe rail *nice*
The seat of luxury
Love this concept