Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Eating it up in Chelsea

That's one smart looking cocktail!!!
Saturday night, (after the TWOIB event) I went to Big Easy in Chelsea; an American-style grill restuarant and let me just say I don't think I've ever eaten as much as I did that night but the food was simply gorgeous!!!! And that's saying something because I don't actually like seafood.
A whole lot of lobster!!!!
After having a gorgeous Strawberry Margarita (made with a ridiculously strong tequila). The famo and I, sat down to a mixed starter of voodoo chicken wings, prawn crackers, corn chips, calamari, potato skins, jalapenos and tenders, and right off the bat that sounds like a lot of food but in person *wooooow boi* it is a lot of food.
How on earth did we get through all of this??
Highlight of the night had to be the mains. The twinnie's husband decided to order a fillet mignon, thinking it had to be the best and biggest steak he's ever come across but when his dinner came to the table, the absolute shock on his face  was priceless. It was the dinkiest steak I have ever seen!!! It all honesty it looked like a burger not a steak.Well the rest of the famo, (after laughing at him) decided to take mercy on him and shared our dinner with him. I swear after he finished passing his plate around, his plate looked like he went to a buffet NOT a full pledged restuarant.
His plate - Before
His plate - After (you can't even see the steak anymore)
Well it was a great night out and I'm going to post the last of my pics, all you foodies out there get excited x
More Pics x

Me and My Sexy Strawberry Margarita

Icecream and cheesecake
Chocolate Ganache and icecream
My dessert - A sexy hot chocolate
Waffles, Icecream and Hot chocolate sauce *drools*
What the f**k is this meant to be??